Fresh Salads

Salad Options

If you are looking for a delicious accompaniment to your hog roast, our salads are an ideal options. We have a wide selection of salads and if you don't see what you like, let us know and w'll try and supply you with something more suited to your taste.

Rocket & Parmesan

Rocket leaves,Parmesan and Goats cheese with exstra olive oil

£1.50 pp

Mustard Potatoe Salad

New potatoes dressed in a mustard vinaigrette with parsley and fresh spring onions

£1.50 pp

Greek Salad

Black olive, Goat cheese, tomatoe, cucumber and spring onions

£1.50 pp

Oriental Coleslaw

Red cabbage, lettuce, carrots, spring onions with sesame oil

£1.50 pp

Green Salad

Mixed seasonal leaves, cucumber, feta, tomatoes, spring onions

£1.50 pp

3 Bean Salad

Borlotti, red kidney,cannelloni beans, red onion, fresh parsley

£1.50 pp


Middle Eastern salad made with bulgur wheat, tomatoes and spring onions, parsley & mint

£1.50 pp

Chunky Potatoe Salad

Fresh potatoes with parsley & spring onions in a creamy mayonnaise dressing

£1.50 pp

Original Coleslaw

A traditional cabbage, carrot coleslaw with spring onions and a creamy mayonnaise dressing.

£1.50 pp

We can also provide you with:

We can also provide you with salads, canapés, dessert options, cutlery & crockery and additional staff members. Have a look at our Extras Page to find more information and individual pricing.

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We require:

→ at least 3 x 3 meter space to set up our equipment
→ access for our equipment through to the designated cooking area
→ power within a 10 meter radius from our equipment
→ the customer to arrange and pay for parking
→ access to the venue 7 hours prior to serving
→ a 25% deposit to secure the date of your event